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X-scape -revamped Sketch by yagami246
X-scape -revamped Sketch
well this is me trying some new painting technique and forcing myself to do something new so i finally am able to give dragons scale looks pretty good to me but this is how i want my dragon-sona or scale to look so consider this a ..... simple reference sheet 
Alright guys so I've learned that I love outlines but my question to all of you is do you love outlines with painting or should you paint over them ?
Fiery Guilmon  by yagami246
Fiery Guilmon
okay this is my absolute last picture unitil next week i vow to have a digital painting by next week but anyway like i implied in my flamedramon drawing i stated that guilmon is my favorite digimon to draw period and i enjoyed drawing him ^w^
feeling inspired....... not uploading anything else unless its digitally painted ... i wont except any less
Today I stay high on imagination .... Because its the one place that the mind can find rest from the insanity close your eyes and venture through my wonder world ..... Im a magnificent dragon who's journeying through my mind  scape filled with trees and luscious plants that play silent smooth jazz as I ascertain forget me nots and lay them across the ground to which flowers bloom..... One grew into a tree that planted speakers and a microphone ..... Due to poor maintenance it broke down but its still fixable .... I ride across the desolant land of words flying free through the many words retained inside of me one word always stops me in my tracks ..... Failure well what I do is flip the cassette over and listen to side b then as slowly drift further to the center I meet a crossroads one direction pointing to my heart while the other points to my brain and if I look further I see the rode in between it was covered up by the payment of attention to the signs ..... Some signs are better left forgotten.... I traverse to the one cornerstone beams of light shine through revealing a door to a store ...... Walmart the one store that despite its controversy still holds some of my best times I take a cruise through the toys section it was ironically called lane 7 and stretched all the way to eleven playing with beyblade and pretending to let it rip like Tyson and the digivice that always came in different incarnations and of course trying to catch them all seemed more possible back then before I drop the ball and looked at the index lane 12-15 had some of the best things a moment as I remember the flashes beaming against a friends neck I asked "can I go second " he calmly stated well there's two controllers here let's multiply the chance of succession ....... Not waisting time I left that lane looking back with weaping eyes to move on to lanes 15-21 my favorite was the art lane but to get to something you always walk up and over from the other lanes I run I run the lanes get longer until finally a flash of light followed by chickens chirping noise I curl out of bed rejuvenated from yesterdays beating just to here a voice say "its time to go to work" and I ecstatically reply ..... "Well let's get it done then"  

I apologize for the longevity haven't written anything in a while and wanted too wright something that was true to me this ones definitely not finished but its a small tidbit ^w^


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shieve smith
United States
Hey guys i see that if your reading this you it means you have stumbled on to my page woooooooooooooh but anyway who am i well i am many and many are i have many charcter but i am just me can you guess what i am (dora the explorer waiting music plays) your right im craz.... er thats not right lol but i happen to be an artist who likes to create new characters but besides that i love video games ecspecially nintendo and if you have wii u and wanna exchange friend codes pm (post message for fools that dont understan ..... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ) k and also big on the kingdom hearts series but enough babbling leave a comment, fave some drawings, or browse around whatever the which enjoy and remember TO KEEP THAT ARTPLOSION ALIVE!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!

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